Class Task

  • public class Task
    extends Object
    A process triggered by a REST call using POST and may be monitored via the TasksResource. Each task has a unique id of type long given during object construcion. A Task has an Task.Accessibility property defining which calls are allowed to access the task, and a Task.TaskType defining the actual process to use. Parameters of the execution as well as the type itself are determined by a TaskParameter object given at task creation. Also each task has a status property signaling he current state of the task. A task starts out as Task.TaskStatus.CREATED. Once processing starts (which may be delayed by the limited thread pool if other tasks are running) the status changes to Task.TaskStatus.STARTED. After processing ends the task is set to either Task.TaskStatus.COMPLETE or Task.TaskStatus.ERROR depedning on whether an error occured which may be recorded in the exception property.